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"Get ready for an adventure, coming soon!"

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Yvette Canoura 

Yvette Canoura was born in the Bronx and moved with her family to Puerto Rico, the place she calls home, when she was three years old.


In 1989, a year after graduating from Loyola University in New Orleans, she met her soulmate, Ibrahim. On her first trip to Syria to meet his family, Yvette fell in love with the country, its people, and the Mediterranean Sunset.  Immediately, she envisioned a book with the title of what became her first novel.  

Yvette credits Ibrahim as her fountain of inspiration. Her future projects include a cookbook in collaboration with her husband, a children's book, and more romantic suspense novels. Yvette lives in Louisiana with her husband, their son, Hasan, and their macaw, Herman.  





Was not disappointed with this page-turner. The excitement and story of love are captivating and will keep you intrigued. Love everything about this book as I did with the first book of this series. The author does a great job of keeping you wanting more.


-Linny K.


Me llegó y me lo estoy devorando, aunque no quiero que se me acabe tan rápido. Dice que es una trilogía….¿cuándo sale el otro? Me encantó! Lo dejé a un lado por un tiempito porque me envolví tanto en la trama que estaba ansiosa. Creí que era yo la protagonista. 


- Marie G.


Intense, and suspenseful, with just the right amount of sexiness. The author draws you in from the first paragraph all the way through the last, couldn’t put it down, quite the page-turner. The culture was rich, and the story kept me on my toes; finally, a romantic suspense novel that was not predictable. Loved it, and highly recommend it.

-Maria R.

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